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Valipat needed to simplify, automate and grow its app services.


About Valipat

Founded in 2008, with a team of 60 employees, Valipat is now a leader in the validation and translation of European patents.

Every service provided by Valipat is controlled and monitored via its web platform developed jointly with Belighted. This application, which allows to make the procurement, processing and on-line monitoring of European patent validation orders, simplifies and accelerates the processing of all client files.

In the end, the costs of patent holders are reduced by 30 to 50% according to the orders.

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The Problem

To simplify and automate the work of its teams, Valipat needed a tool that allows customers to generate online, independently, an estimate for the deposit of their European (EP - European Patent Validation) and international (PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents.

Moreover, Valipat wanted to grow its services by offering its customers to simplify administrative procedures. Indeed, in every country where a patent application is filed, customers are represented by an agent, to whom they have given power of attorney. The documents required for such proxy are specific to each state. The service set up by Valipat, PoA (Power of Attorney), allows the customer to create via the platform the necessary documents by requested state.

The Goals

  • Simplify & automate the work of Valipat's team

  • Develop a tool to generate online request for proposals

  • Simplify administrative procedures

“Working with Belighted helped us to take advantage of a powerful web framework to build a complete Information System. Our long term relationship helped us to achieve great goals and serve our ambition, thanks to loyal and skilled team.”


Olivier Gérardin
CIO, Valipat

The Challenges

Project Management with a corporate

Initially simple web interface, Valipat project was over months built into the long term. Given the diversity of tasks and the business specificity, the client was provided with a dedicated project team. This team is in close contact with the project managers at Valipat and interacts daily with them. It submitted them suggestions and comments to confront the best technical and business perspectives in order to achieve the desired result, reconciled and acceptable to both parties. The methodology allows both technical sustainability of the application and integration of new business demands.

The Results


Belighted created a platform that allows Valipat customers to submit a request for proposal,
after the entry of data needed to create the estimate. These data cover three areas: the choice of countries where to register the patent, the choice of the customer representative agent in those countries and the choice of a translation agent (if a translation into the language of the target country is required) .

To automate the generation of client proxies, Belighted has introduced a service that allows the customer to avoid all the complex procedures on its platform by generating the necessary documents to PDF. Once issued, these documents need only to be signed and returned by mail to the agent.

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