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Technology Startup Ideas — 5 Growing Industries to Piggyback Off

by Nicolas Jacobeus, on 6 April 2020


Check out these 5 technology startup ideas for 2020. Pivot your technology company to deliver SaaS solutions that serve the world’s new normal.

Technology changes with the times—and often at lightning speed. Even as we’re collectively living through a pandemic, there are technology startup ideas all around us.

These five growing industries are quickly becoming mainstream, and we expect they’ll continue to mature long after the coronavirus is no longer a threat. Let’s take a deeper look at each for a rich source of technology startup ideas.

1. Remote work

54% of adults are working remotely because of the pandemic. While some people embraced work-from-home culture, remote work comes with so many challenges. From video calls to connectivity to mental health, remote work definitely threw businesses for a loop.

A new technology startup idea could serve gaps or beat the clunky solutions that people are using now to:

  • Track employee KPIs, tasks, and overall productivity. Bonus points if you track team and department KPIs as a whole and automate some parts of performance evaluations.
  • Record and provide a transcription of all Zoom calls.
  • Allow team members to collaborate on a presentation, document, or proposal from anywhere.

Easing the pain of remote work for both managers and employees will make you a beloved technology startup.

2. Grocery delivery

A third of all US households used grocery delivery services in March 2020. But few retailers were prepared for this surge, and they relied heavily on delivery services like Instacart or DoorDash.

Consumers are learning to love grocery delivery, and that means the industry is ripe for technology startup ideas that address customers’ pain points.

Consider creating a solution like:

  • Tracking customers’ grocery deliveries in real time using the delivery driver’s smartphone GPS.
  • Delivering goods, like fresh-baked bread or gifts, between neighbors to help people socially distance.
  • Live-streaming the shopping process so customers can make quick decisions of what they do or don’t want to buy.

Grocery delivery is here to stay, especially for high-risk or elderly shoppers. Tap into this market to not only keep the world safe, but make the grocery delivery process simpler for everyone.

3. Cryptocurrency

Crypto was once a crazy idea, but look at the market today. China’s even rolled out its own version of cryptocurrency in light of the pandemic. More shoppers want the convenience of paying through secure mobile apps, and cryptocurrency easily fills that gap.

Experts are predicting growth in the crypto space, so look for technology startup ideas here before it’s too late. Consider solutions like:

  • Making crypto simple. Your grandparents are probably not able to use crypto because it’s too complicated. Simplifying the process with an app would get more people interested in crypto.
  • Centralize crypto. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, consumers have a lot of cryptocurrency to choose from. Become an aggregator or exchange for all of their cryptocurrency.

Crypto is the Wild West of the financial industry right now. Stay agile and alert to be on the right side of regulations in this fast-moving industry.

4. Outdoor dining

Indoor dining isn’t a safe option during the pandemic. Al fresco dining is believed to be a safer alternative. Restaurants that want to keep their doors open are offering outdoor dining, but everyone is still ironing out how outdoor dining should look going forward.

Create a tech solution that manages expectations and keeps everyone safe, like:

  • Waiterless dining. Create a software solution for restaurants that allows patrons to order and interact with the kitchen staff via their smartphone.
  • Sanitation alerts. Automatically inform restaurant staff when a customer leaves so they can sanitize between patrons.
  • Weather alerts. Outdoor dining is dependent on sunny, pleasant weather. Restaurants can automatically offer customers to-go discounts on rainy days with a smart SaaS solution.

Create a technology startup idea that makes the outdoor dining experience enjoyable for both customers and restaurants.

5. Online fitness

Just 20% of Americans feel safe going back to gyms while the coronavirus is still a threat. In response, subscriptions to online fitness apps have skyrocketed. There’s always room for improvement, though, and many customers need extra value to do online fitness regularly.

Create a smart SaaS solution that helps people get fit from anywhere, like:

  • All-in-one nutrition and exercise plans. Offer remote support from real nutritionists and personal trainers to your subscribers. Give them the benefits of professional support without meeting in-person.
  • Integrate accountability and personal attention with workouts. Social accountability tools help people get more out of their exercise regimen when they can’t meet in person.
  • Specialized online fitness. Tap into niches like the elderly, people with limb differences, or disabilities to serve underrepresented areas of the fitness market.

Fitness hasn’t gone out of style, but it will look different going forward. Tap into this growing market with technology that serves customers right in their own homes.

Get help validating your idea

The future may look different, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Make the most of these fast-growing industries to find your own technology startup ideas. Creating a solution early can help you claim more market share.

No matter which new industry you want to take on, make sure you validate it before you jump headfirst into a new technology startup idea. Belighted can help with that. Talk to us today.

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