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Back-end developer

Job Description

We are searching for the right back-end developers to join Belighted in its mission to build extraordinary products for software innovators. Your work will provide the foundation for emerging new technologies, and you’ve got the drive to make a difference. Contribute to and grow with a high-caliber team that takes pride in excellence.

As a Belighted back-end developer, you will:

  • Work on customer and internal projects under the supervision of a project manager in an agile environment
  • Implement applications according to specifications and do code reviews
  • Write unit and integration tests
  • Contribute to the functional specifications of applications
  • Be autonomous but also work in teams of 3 to 6 people
  • Participate in weekly progress meetings with the customer and daily discussions on our project management tools
  • Go to the customer’s office for projects from time to time
  • Explain your work and decisions to the customer
  • Directly contribute to the company culture and be involved in its success and growth

About you:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in any MVP/OOP web framework, e.g.: J2EE/Spring, Zend/Symfony/Laravel, ASP.NET. Your language/framework of predilection is not important, we will train you in Ruby on Rails.
  • Test-driven development has become a second nature to you
  • You have experience in project teams of more than 2 developers, with a clear project management methodology.
  • You are proficient in French and English, work well in a team, and are a good communicator.
  • Bonus points if you know Ruby on Rails already, have experience in a frontend framework and/or in devops.

What you can expect from us:

  • Competitive compensation: 35-55 K€ salary depending on seniority
  • 32 days of leave (40-hour work weeks)
  • Interesting projects: work with a variety of successful software companies
  • Opportunities to learn and grow: R&D projects with opportunity for discovery of other technologies
  • Respect and balance: remote work and flexible schedule
  • Pleasant work environment: high-end laptops, state-of-the-art software
  • Young and dynamic coworkers: you’ll be part of a highly skilled but friendly team
  • Perks and benefits: Meal vouchers, train subscription, healthcare, phone subscription...

About Belighted

Belighted helps software innovators grow their vision from idea to success. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Belgium, we have helped fuel the growth of dozens of companies across Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom.

We work with software businesses to build products on the frontlines of innovation. Excellence is at the core of all we do at Belighted, from our work building software products we are proud of, to respect for each other as individuals. We come together as a team to create extraordinary things - we are proud of what we accomplish every day and how we do it.

Our culture reflects our focus on quality and innovation. We demand quality in our work output, and we take pride and satisfaction in our services. A culture of quality shows in our relationships and our lives, as we strive for trust and transparency, empathy and team spirit, and the balance of work and life with flexibility and respect for the individual.

We believe in changing the status quo and improving the quality of life for fellow humans with software. Come join us on our journey of self-actualization and lifelong learning.

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