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Don't Waste Time & Money on your Business because of Spaghetti Code.

Get an action plan with recommendations based on the level of criticality encountered.

“We have developed a "Code Review" methodology that enables us to improve rapidly the overall quality of your app & ease up the work of your developers. Based on a micro & macro analysis, we take your codebase and optimize it for future developments so you can focus on your business and not waste time and money on a bad Ruby & Rails foundation.”


Nicolas Jacobeus, CEO & Senior Product Strategist, Belighted

We use this code review on our own clients projects to make sure we reach the highest quality standards in development & coding processes.

What's the quality of your code ? Have you resolved these common problems ?

  1. Versions of Ruby, Rails & dependencies not up to date
  2. Security problems
  3. Not following the clean code methodology
  4. No tests coverage
  5. Lack of best practices
  6. Bad Naming & RESTful conventions
  7. Database not well structured (pk, fk, index…)
  8. No documentation

Do these problems resonate in your company ? You are not sure if or how your technical team tackle these problems ? Have a call with one of our Ruby on Rails experts and see how a code review might help you bring your software product to the next level.

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