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10 reasons to “SaaSify” your software

by Nicolas Jacobeus, on 15 August 2019

For small and medium-sized companies, SaaS software is a lasting alternative to traditional licensed software. Here are 10 reasons why you should “SaaSify” your applications.

Reason No. 1: Price

Choosing SaaS means helping your users avoid the need to spend thousands of euros to acquire licensed software. This type of solution is usually based on the principle of a monthly subscription, whose cost covers the use of the licensed software, maintenance, updates and customer support services. Transitioning from the “sale” of your solution to a subscription also guarantees financial stability to your company.

Reason No. 2: Accessibility

Licensed software offers only limited access to applications and, as a general rule, can only be used in the office on a limited number of machines. Conversely, by “SaaSifying” your software, you make it possible for your users to access data from any device with an Internet connection.

10 reasons to “SaaSify” your software - accessibility

Reason No. 3: Scalability

As a SaaS software publisher, you’ll be able to provide your users with regular updates. As these updates are automatically included in the subscription, your users will be able to enjoy your software in a way that lets them concentrate exclusively on their core business.

10 reasons to “SaaSify” your software - scalability

Reason No. 4: Fast installation

While licensed software often requires several months before you can make full use of it, SaaS software requires only a web browser and an Internet connection. When you publish your software, you can be confident that your application is suitable for your user's sector of economic activity.

Reason No. 5: Customization

One of the big advantages of SaaS-type software resides in the countless possibilities for customization. You can fine-tune the software to the specificities of your users’ sectors and the functioning of their organization thanks to the host of possibilities you make available. Unlike the purchase of licensed software, users pay only for the features and functionalities they really need.

Reason No. 6: Backup

With SaaS, you can provide your users with the possibility of fully automated backups at scheduled intervals. Unlike licensed software, customers no longer have to regularly back up their data, especially in cases where they haven’t signed up for a specific and expensive backup service.

Reason No. 7: Energy savings

Energy-related issues are an ever-growing concern for businesses. The good news? Applications deployed to the Cloud consume less energy on average than software installed under a license! Cost savings can be imagined over the long term, both for you and your users.

Reason No. 8: Data security

By “SaaSifying” your software, your promise better security to your users. The design of modern hardware and its strict compliance with the latest security standards make data loss a thing of the past.

10 reasons to “SaaSify” your software - data security

Reason No. 9: Compatibility

“SaaSify” your software so that your customers can leverage their data from several different devices, ranging from office computers and laptops to tablet computers and smartphones. The ideal solution to ensure the responsiveness of your company and the continuity of your business.

Reason No. 10: Support and maintenance

On-Premise software does not always give users a minimum level of customer service. With SaaS solutions, you can offer personalized support for the deployment of your software until the subscription is canceled. Their business continuity is therefore assured.

Greater compatibility, scalability, competitive prices, security, and flexibility: the inherent advantages of SaaS are countless. Why not experience it yourself to form your own opinion?

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