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Modernizing your software: the signs that the time to innovate has come

by Nicolas Jacobeus, on 20 August 2019

In an ultra-connected world such as ours, the volume of data to be managed is greater than ever. Adopting software adapted to current business practices is therefore essential.

The signs that the time comes up to replace and modernize your software

Modernizing your software - the signs

If your company has been using the same software for more than 10 years (or even less), it is likely that it would benefit greatly from some upgrading. Does one of these situations sound familiar? Then you should absolutely consider modernizing your software!

  • Your software is slow and no longer allows you to fine-tune your work procedures.
  • You have standalone software, i.e. closed in on itself and difficult to integrate into working environments and modern industry applications.
  • You have a downloadable version that offers no access to the Cloud.
  • It is impossible to access your software via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
  • The design of your software is obsolete, the interface is particularly text heavy and the forms are complex and hard to access.
  • You have software purchased under a license, which is more constraining than a subscription.

SaaS business model: a necessity for the sustainability of your company.

Today, innovative businesses readily trust SaaS-type business software (Software as a Service or software on demand). The SaaS business model relies on a particular way of distributing software, where applications are not purchased under a license but are hosted by a service provider and made available to customers over the Internet.

The reasons for choosing SaaS software are many:

Modernizing your software - reasons for choosing SaaS

  • Fast installation: applications are pre-installed and configured in the Cloud and time-to-deployment is reduced. This represents a considerable advantage for your present and future customers in a world that is becoming increasingly impatient.
  • Lower costs: to use SaaS software, your customers pay a monthly fee (even if they are often required to pay for a full 12 months) and are spared the costly acquisition of a license, which allows them to quickly move into action. For you, it represents recurring revenue and the potential to plan budgets for the development of your company: continuous improvement of your SaaS, marketing, recruitment, etc.
  • Easy to use: this type of software is above all designed to be "user-friendly". It adapts perfectly to customers’ expectations and is easily customizable, unlike old software where even a simple update can be an ordeal!
  • Longer lifespan: with SaaS, there is no chance that you will be technologically outdone by the competition. It is a cutting-edge software and will remain so for a long time to come because its structure allows the latest applications to be integrated in real time. A connection that wasn't necessarily possible before.
  • Improved security standards: modernizing your business software means benefitting from regular updates and the latest security standards. Data are saved to the Cloud and can be recovered in the event of a hardware failure. The continuity of your business activity is therefore assured.

How can Belighted help you? Our goal: supporting businesses with their digital transformation and modernizing their software.

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