Ruby on rails

Created in 2004, Ruby on Rails is an open source framework based on the Ruby programming language. It has many qualities that make it a powerful tool to create web applications very quickly. RoR is based on two basic principles: "DRY" (Do not Repeat Yourself), which implies the rejection of repetitions of elements of the application and advocates their presence at a single location; and the "Convention over Configuration" favored by the default setting of behaviors for most features, which avoids having to specify details respecting the already established conventions.

With these two principles, Ruby on Rails, sometimes called Rails, is therefore a powerful and highly effective framework. It also allows collaborative work among developers due to its project structure and is particularly suited to Agile methods. Finally, RoR, it is also a large user’s community based on cooperation and sharing. Thus, libraries offering an impressive number of plugins are available freely, which is very interesting given the level of abstraction of language and which further increases the Rails performance.

It is therefore not surprising that major websites such as Twitter, Groupon, Basecamp or GitHub were seduced by Rails.