PhoneGap (Cordova) is an open source framework allowing to create mobile applications using well-known HTML, CSS and Javascript languages. Being neither entirely native, nor entirely web, the generated applications are called "hybrids". Supporting Android, iOS, Windows and Backberry, these applications are also called cross-platform.

PhoneGap offers hardware APIs like camera, microphone, geolocation or notifications and local storage but also many plugins like PayPal, emails, SMS ...

In addition to its ease of use and speed to package mobile application projects, the main advantage of PhoneGap for Belighted’s team is the fact that this framework allows it to capitalize on its expertise of HTML5 / CSS3 / JS for mobile development. It is therefore not necessary for our web developers to train in new technologies to do mobile with a 100% native experience.

AppGyver is a new framework for creating mobile applications that is based on PhoneGap, but with improved performance as the main wish. That is why this framework has been chosen by Belighted. With AppGyver, developers can create quality applications based on HTML5 that seem native.