Developed by 10gen since 2007, MongoDB is an open source system for database management. It is oriented documents, without pattern and is part of NoSQL databases (Not Only SQL). NoSQL refers to a class of database management systems (DBMS) being no longer based on the classical architecture of relational databases. Used to handle giant databases for sites of significant audience such as Google, and Facebook, NoSQL gives up classic features of relational DBMS for simplicity.

MongoDB is particularly suitable in the case of storing large multimedia documents and unstructured data. This is a scalable very powerful tool in terms of speed (recovery time) in spite of the load of data. Its use, however, requires special knowledge. Developers at Belighted recommend MongoDB for its efficiency and appreciate the fact that there is an ORM (MongoId), making it a viable alternative if you want to do without a relational DB. The latter remains, however, considerably more interesting regarding the references to other records although the embed type associations hold water with Mongo DB. Finally, the system is also very convenient to store records received in JSON.