There are two types of mobile applications: native applications and hybrid applications. A native application is developed for a specific operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ...) used by smartphones and tablets. It is developed in a language specific to the operating system and is therefore not compatible with each operating system. The costs are doubled if the will is to be available on iOS and Android, the development of native application requiring to start from scratch for each application.

On the other hand, a hybrid application is developed in the languages used for web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and combines elements of a native application for the use of smartphones functionalities (GPS, camera, microphone, ...). Like the native applications, it is distributed on application platforms (Android Market, App Store ...).

Belighted’s desire to develop hybrid applications comes from the many advantages they contain. Making an application of this type compatible for multiple operating systems reduces costs and development time compared to native applications, since only adaptations are necessary and that developers do not have to start from scratch. Especially, the use of frameworks such as AppGyver now allows to create efficient and qualitative mobile applications, which was sometimes criticized for hybrid applications.