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CSS is an abbreviation for "Cascading Style Sheets" used to define style sheets. HTML and CSS are two of the main languages used for web page construction: HTML provides the structure, CSS is used for the page’s layout. The advantage of CSS is to define style rules that apply to all pages of a site, which makes it possible to easily change its overall appearance. CSS3 is the latest evolution of the language and brought long-awaited new selectors particularly in terms of visual effects (shadow, gradient, transition ...). But one of the major advantages of CSS3 lies primarily in the ability to set different rules so as to optimize the display of the website depending on the device used (PC, tablets, smartphones, ...). In this case, it is called Responsive Web Design. Many of the new CSS3 properties resume features that were already possible in Javascript. The integration of video, animations and other transition effects can now be done in CSS3, allowing firstly to facilitate development.